Flash Battery Lithium Batteries

Flash Battery produces lithium battery for industrial machinery and electric vehicles

Since 2012, the year in which Flash Battery was founded, the company has designed and produced more than 15,000 lithium batteries and created more than 500 different custom models in various industrial machinery and electric vehicle applications.

Flash Battery batteries, which are in use in 54 different countries around the world, are automatically monitored on a daily basis by the proprietary remote control system, the Flash Data Center.

Flash Battery Technology

Flash Battery developed a proprietary technology offering higher performance than any other type of lithium battery. 20 Times faster balancing speed than other lithium batteries and 50% recharge in only 25 minutes. In addition, with Flash Battery lithium batteries regular maintenance is not required: extraordinary maintenance can be carried out directly on site thanks to remote control, system, the Flash Data Center. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Flash Data Center detects faults before they develop into costly breakdowns by sending automatic alerts to Flash Battery’s service centre.

Traditional lithium batteries vs Flash Battery lithium batteries

Traditional lithium batteries

Passive balancing only

With low power

50% Recharge


Long balancing time

4-8 Hours

High risk

of sudden machine shutdowns

Standard batteries

No custom design


Flash Battery lithium batteries

ACTIVE and PASSIVE balancing

With 20 times higher power

50% Recharge

In 25 minutes

Short balancing time

Less than 30 minutes

No risk

of sudden machine shutdowns

Custom batteries

Custom design

The Flash Data Center for efficient remote monitoring

The remote monitoring system (Flash Data Center) is the mind behind all the lithium batteries. On a daily basis it reports any faults that may arise and determines the status of each individual battery at all times. This is how you protect your batteries from unwanted misuse or technical anomalies.
The software is designed to also detect and eliminate false signals. This prevents errors in general, before you as a user even notice it.

The Flash Data Center offers:

  • a monitoring of all parameters for each individual battery
  • a comprehensive analysis of all usage data for the optimization of your machines and vehicles
  • notification of malfunctions
  • continuous, automated fault prevention
  • organization options for extraordinary repairs
  • enormous savings in maintenance costs
  • increased productivity of machines and vehicles

A new partnership for the electrification of the BeNeLux market

Flash Battery was born in 2012 out of the passion for electronics and technology of two young men, Marco Righi (CEO) and Alan Pastorelli (CTO), who had expertise in lithium batteries and automotive systems.
The company mission is to supply lithium batteries to builders of industrial machinery and electric vehicles who have a strong need for customisation. The main customers come from many sectors of industry, including automation, robotics, logistics, boat building, aerial platforms, electric vehicles, agriculture and airport ground support equipment.

Today Flash Battery is the best-selling lithium battery in Italy, featuring the fastest charging times around and zero maintenance.

Flash Battery and Q-Tronic have joined their two know-hows to support the transition to electrification of the Benelux market. Thanks to this partnership, manufacturers and OEMs willing to electrify their applications, can now rely on the expertise of Italy’s top lithium production company, combined with the great reliability of Q-Tronic in e-control for battery powered vehicles.

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