Today Q-tronic is an internationally-oriented company.

Q-tronic, which started out under the name Heftruck-Systemen, was set up in 1978 by Geurt Jan Janssen, who primarily focused on service provision.

The purpose at that time was to provide the service for importers only (electrical and electronics). Geurt Janssen saw here a clear gap in the market because even in 1978 new electronic technology was being used in forklifts.

In 1979, Q-tronic switched its focus entirely to electronics. Contacts were established with, amongst others, Cableform, Bosch and General Electric and the company decided to focus on the retrofitting of electronic equipment for existing forklifts.

In the mid-1980s contact arose with Sevcon, the English supplier of motor controllers. From this point, Q-tronic focused on the development of its own electronic control units. In collaboration with Sevcon various pump controls were developed and successfully deployed at Toyota, Still, Jungheinrich and Yale, amongst others.

On 1 January 1981, Q-tronic became official importer for Sevcon. Further developments ensued and Q-tronic began to specialise in several market sectors. Also, in this period the successful and dynamic “knowledge is power” training programmes were given by Geurt Janssen to service engineers belonging to the dealers, importers and producers.

In the late 90s, when AC technology was in its infancy, the blood of development started to stir again in Geurt Janssen’s veins. With a team of engineers managed by Sevcon’s technical director Dave Miller, the DMC Pro Controller (now Sigmadrive) was developed. A unique, innovative family of controls in IMS (insulated metal substrate) technology was born and has been applied successfully since 2001/2002 in a range of applications.

At the end of 2006 a licence agreement was concluded with English firm PG Drives Technology, electronics market leader for wheelchairs, scooters, sweepers and scrubbers. Since 2007, PG Drives Technology has provided international sales of DMC controls under the new name Sigmadrive.

Q-tronic is now an internationally-oriented company focusing on Service, Parts, Custom Solutions and Repairs.



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All our service engineers are trained in-house and have on average more than 10 years’ experience.

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The right product for any application


The right product for any application